new being

Get in the soul
hunger the way,
need the way,
deal the way,
make it thurst for more!

The outside food is not the fill,
but the spirit is the fill,
get in the way of hunger,
need to deep the hunger.

Father let me hunger for this,
because this
is what I have to offer to the world
of hurt,
the world hurts
in the heart and lead the way!

They need to see,
Cant save the heart,
but your meaning can,
deep the lane,
because hope
is the new revolution,
fight the battle
and get in the way
I lead at things!

Not my leadment
but your soul lead.

Lead me father
inn the things I need to be,
because evil
is on the other side of the world
with the hurt of world thought,
deal with issues
in the way I need!

Lead the heart,
because the way
is the deep way!

Bless the soul,
can’t be blessed
if I’m not living
for the pure in my soul!

Label me the saint
and live for the fight,
because the way I look at it
is the way of the heart
inn the word of truth!

Trust your awakening and feel
the vibe in the soul,
lead the heart
and get the heart!

Lead the soul,
because I don’t want
the idol of the way
I look at in the heart!

Let me not deceive people in the world, that’ll hurt you Father
and don’t want to wreck your life
in the bad rep that’s evil!

Fill the soul with pure
and let it change
in the way you want!

Not my belief,
but the word belief!

Let it hinder in the soul and lead
at the thought on the cross,
let me not deny your name!

You give me life inside and the way
I need it,
is the way everlast.

Clear out the closet
and get in the way I hope.

Lead the heart and captivate the soul, make it new,
be the way, deep the way,
heal the way,
lead the way, new the way,
go the way, heart the way,
fill the way, make the way.

Clear the path and open it
and not close it,
because deliverance
is the clear soul
and let it hint
the smell of perfume
inn the rose of the heart!

Lead the heal and lead the soul,.

The way I look at it,
is the want
to be faithful
at the end of my life
with no regret in your way.

You have your purpose and need
to live for the way
I deal with things in the soul,
let it hinder the soul.

Heavy the weight in the soul
and look at this,
because the new way is the heal way!

Deal with this,
because hope is all I look at
with your heart.

Not the perfect soul, but lead the soul, heal the soul,
let it rip in this way
and lead at the heart,
because take the heart
and move in the love of the soul!

Soul love the air
and make it go from nothing
to meaning!

The soul needs the elect
and believe way
the soul
and lit the heart
and go at the way I go!

Get in the way and glory at
the Kingdom,
because hope is all I have left!


About ceedee86

I'm just using my gifts for the better with writing. I love to write and hopefully you enjoy my posts. Well about me. I'm just a down to earth type. Just trying to help people out. With bettering peoples mind and heart. I know my old about me was on here. But this is the new me. Hopefully you understand. I'm just an Artist looking for more exposure and fan base and to use my gifts for the better. Hopefully you find my work a good thing. God Bless and Take Care, CeeDee
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